European Tree of the Year
The winner of the second European Tree of the Year contest is a lime tree from Hungary

Brno (1st March 2012) – The winner of the second European Tree of the Year contest is, with 11 158 votes, a lime tree from Hungary. In second place an elm from Romania (9 812 votes), Bulgarian elm tree is third (6 071 votes). In total over 41 thousand votes were cast in this year’s European contest for the tree with the strongest story. The winning tree will be awarded at an award ceremony held by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation and IUCN on 23rdMay during Green Week in Brussels and will get a trophy by a well-known Czech artist Martin Patřičný.

The competition in the European contest was really keen. The winners of national contests from seven European countries were taking part – Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania. In online voting the most people supported the four hundred years old lime tree that grows in Hungarian village of Felsőmocsolád. Legend has it that many years ago, after a devastating forest fire this 400 year old lime tree gave the seeds to revive the woods, with the help of a “garabonciás” (in Hungarian mythology a male figure who learnt magic). The lime tree now protects the new forest. This story was preserved by the Bánó family, who were living in the area. It is still a tradition for them to introduce the young members of the family to the tree. Thanks to its strong story, the lime was supported by more than 11 thousand people in the contest. You can find more information both about the winner and other finalists on

People from all over the world could vote for the trees in the contest from the 1st to the 29th February 2012 on The stories of the finalists in the second European Tree of the Year contest showed mainly the connection people, families, schools, villages and even towns and cities can have to trees. The aim of the European Tree of the Year contest is to remind the general public of the topic of old trees.


Through the stories of trees and their history connected to local community we try to make people interested in trees and local natural heritage. We would also like to draw attention to the importance of preserving old trees and biodiversity. High number of votes proves that the topic of trees and their importance for the environment can become a part of the international dialogue.” says Hana Rambousková, the contest coordinator from the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation.


Results of the voting:

1st place – The old linden (11 158 votes)

2nd place – The Elm Tree from Căpeni (Köpec) (9 812)

3rd place – The Wish Tree (6 071 votes)

4th place – Lime Tree in Lipany (5 591)

5th place – The oak Grot in Dęblin (3 685)

6th place – Alley in Skalička (2 976 votes)

7th place – Pistacia lentiscus in Ghisonaccia (Haute-Corse) (2 056 votes)





The contest was organized under the patronage of Mr Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for Environment with the financial support of the State Environmental Fund and the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.



More information:
Hana Rambousková, European Tree of the Year coordinator, e-mail:, phone: 00420 515 903 131


Photos to download:

Alley in Skalička, Czech Republic (photo by Petr Francán):


The Wish Tree, Bulgaria (photo by Ivaylo Angelov):


Pistacia lentiscus in Ghisonaccia (Haute-Corse), Corsica, France (photo by Emmanuel Boitier):


The old linden, Hungary (photo by Sélley Miklós):


The oak Grot in Dęblin, Poland (photo by Tomek Pikuła):


The Elm Tree from Căpeni (Köpec), Romania (photo by REPF archive):


Lime Tree in Lipany, Slovakia (photo by Ekopolis archive):


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